Theresa Coulter


My Street Cred.
I work as a freelance writer and illustrator in New York City and have written scripts for Tina Fey and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, only one of which was funny. I wrote and illustrated the book Elephants Make Fine Friends (Penguin 2015).

My screenplay Survived By was a finalist in the 2011 Austin Film Festival. I have been a fellow at MacDowell, Hedgebrook, Ledig House International, UCROSS and the Millay Colony. I am a 2014 Helene Wurlitzer Grantee and I was an associate artist at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in 2012.

I won the Young Guns People's Choice Award in 2007

I play the banjo.

If you're looking for my illustration & writing site, you can find it here:

My Philosophy.
I’m a scrapper. Curious at heart and mischievous in spirit. My imagination sometimes gets me in trouble. I’ll try anything once, except drugs and egg salad. I live for the ‘right now’ of life. After all, it goes by fast. Best to clobber it over the head and lock it in the closet while you get high with its older brother. So to speak.

My Attitude.
So life's a journey, we all know that by now. I'm a good traveling partner that will always have your back and your backpack and a compass and even some clean drinking water. No ego to burden or weigh you down, just the good stuff, ideas and what not. The sort of person you want to sing campfire songs with. Put me in the ring and let’s get to work, there are metaphorical mountains to climb, impressionable young minds to corrupt and stodgy old sensibilities to offend.


  • copywriting
  • illustrating
  • ideating
  • story telling
  • banjo playing